Driving up Fan Base and Loyalty: Why and How to use Instagram for Business?


Why Instagram?

If you search “marketing” on Instagram you will be shocked at the result! Instagram is gaining momentum as a staple source of media marketing. And frankly, it has come a long way from when it started out as just a photo-posting source that was still highly unpopular in comparison to Facebook.

With users in the millions, Instagram has become a MUST for companies to promote their business and engage with clients! When it comes to social media, we must always be on top of what works and what everyone gravitates towards. Instagram is a key tool in business today.

Drive up your fan base.

Instagram pictures provide your audience a better vision of your company. Take advantage of the raised real estate you have with the Instagram web page to tell a story with the images. It will be easier for everyone to see your story. You can use it to promote anything your company is doing (products/services, employees, customers, conferences). You should definitely have a balance of fun images and business pictures.
With a strong strategy, you will boost sales and presence, not to mention making new friends and find common ground with clients! It’s a two way street, connect with your followers and they will connect with you, and so will their friends, and their friends’ friends.


Drive contest based perks to beef up your loyalty.

Instagram contests are a big part of the most successful strategies, and they’re not just for food porn or Starbucks anymore! You are creating an incentive to have your followers do all the work in promoting your company back to you and to everyone on their social network. This is a key tool in how you expand your reach beyond what you ever thought possible! Have a photo contest and see what happens.

Reward followers with promo codes.

We love Instagram as a tool in retail! Have your clients pose with your goods, send them e-coupons as a thank you! Or create strategies and perk systems for those loyal fans following you! We LOVE it when you thank us for having your back.

Feature your clients on your page. Create a dialogue between the client and the business, learn their faces, talk to them. Post them on your wall and make them feel like they’re a part of your team! They will be with you until the very end! I promise.

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