Digitizing The Customer Experience


The challenge of the business owner today is creating brand loyalty on the fly, attaching their brand to the individual brand their customers are building because, let’s face it. Everyone with a Facebook or Instagram account has a brand, whether they know it or not. Businesses today are learning that the best way to spread their message across these platforms is not only to create something attractive that draws people in first-hand, but also to piggyback through their customers to extend their reach. Here is a few interesting ways to set a great trend and follow up with clients.

The service industry is evolving and here are a couple of great examples:

  1. Restaurants and other high end service establishments use IPads and Android tablets to give their clients full control of their dining experience, by eliminating paper menus and providing their customers with tablets to list their dishes, in the order they want them, and with whatever modifications they desire which also eliminates the issue of having to reprint when the menu changes or when something is sold out or out of season at any particular time. At the end of the experience, those same customers are encouraged to rate their dishes and provide comments. A great example of this is being achieved at some high end Napa Valley Cafes and Restaurants in the States.
  2. Cafes and Coffee Chains in Asia and Europe are eliminating the tradition of complimentary newspapers for customers to read by “going green” and providing the same newspapers in their digital format. This creates visibility and gives businesses in the service industry an edge in an oversaturated market of coffee shops and patisseries. An added bonus is that these clients are encouraged to tag themselves and take photos of their customer experience and upload them to the company’s feed through the same tablets, thereby expanding their reach. Check out Café De Seoul in Manila, Philippines, the café comes with beautifully designed tables with built in tablets for customer use.

Next time you’re stumped on how to build trust and loyalty, think of these companies and try something new and daring! It works for us and them, and it can work for you too!

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