Making Friends and Joining the Mile-High Club

We use social media for just about every aspect of the human experience. Apps like Tinder and okCupid help us meet matches on a more romantic level, Twitter and Instagram help us connect with businesses, celebrities and fans of our weirdest thoughts, LinkedIN helps us network professionally and compete for jobs, and we do all these things on the ground, on the subways, on buses, in taxis, at cafes. But what about the endless hours us jetsetters spend on flights? The blackout of social media for hours at a time can be daunting to say the least. Social media innovation has left the flying experienced untouched… Until now that is.

Mile High Club


There’s a new app! Here On Biz has been hailed as the newest way for people to network on flights, and although it is only really available on Virgin Airlines, it will surely take the world by storm (Buy stocks now!). It works on the ground and in the air at participating airlines, it links to your LinkedIN account and provides you information on passengers, their professional status and creates a brilliant networking platform while you fly!

Now that you have watched every single movie and television show rerun on your in flight console, give Here On Biz a try! You might meet the CEO of your dreams!

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