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Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with the sinking realization that you forgot to send an email, or maybe you forgot to call someone back or schedule an appointment? If you’re a forgetful CEO or even run-of-the-mill salary man, you realize this is a nightmare. You wake up out of bed frantically writing emails at 3AM hoping that the recipient doesn’t look at the time stamp and completely nail you for your flakiness. I learned in Graduate School that there is nothing worse than sending correspondence in the middle of the night. People know, and just like that, you are branded.

As an early Christmas present (Yes, we love you all, loyal followers), we at Driven have decided to let you in on some of our coworkers loopholes around the wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-sweating issues we have faced in our own careers.

Probably the most useful tool in our Gmail arsenal is Boomerang! Boomerang is a tool that helps you organize your correspondence. You can write emails whenever, and choose a time when they are sent to the recipient. Did you lie at that meeting and pretend to be up at 5 for yoga to land a client? Well now he’ll believe you since you promptly can send him emails at 4:45 in the morning before your “Yoga class”, meanwhile, you can be hitting the snooze button at 11AM and nobody will know any better, except for us of course.

Boomerang has many other features, like postponing messages to be sent to you at other times, which helps if you are bombarded with emails and want certain emails to come back when you have more free time.

Don’t have Gmail? That’s okay! There are other similar structures that can provide you with the same peace of mind, “FollowupThen” is a relay tool that is useful with any email provider to send reminders to you about emails, and send emails at specific times, even though it doesn’t use your natural language like Boomerang! Does (send in 5mins, send tomorrow morning, etc…), it can still be useful.

Lastly, mxhero, provides the equivalent of Boomerang! But also includes added security features and self-destruct emails (Remember Inspector Gadget?). It is a paid service but well worth your money. You’re welcome digital world!


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