Happy Holidays From Driven Digital Marketing!

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What are you doing for the holidays? We at Driven hope that you are bundled up with close ones during this festive season. But if you are at work obsessing over sales. Let us help you out, with some facts and advice to make your holiday month a fruitful one.

Did you know, that roughly 65% of consumers use social media today to find ideas and purchase gifts for loved ones? That means that branding and product placement on social media is now, more important than ever and finding creative ways to get noticed by frantic holiday shoppers is of the utmost importance.


Here is our expert advice to you:


  1. Set a target – Do you want to increase revenue via online shopping? Do you want to create more brand awareness via social media? Do you want to beef up your popularity on social media platforms with “Likes” and “Ret-weets”? Know what you’re aiming for, and pick the right approach.
  2. Know your audience – Consumers looking to spend over the holidays are far too easily distracted. Pinterest boards and using Instagram to showcase your products is a great way to get the ball rolling on sales with simple yet powerful visual marketing. Just use the right hashtags! #christmas #holidays #wishlist #shopping are among the most keyed in the holiday season.
  3. Customer service is KEY – Consumers over the holidays feel a sense of urgency, panic, anxiety. More than ever the average consumer will be incapable of waiting for a response in regards to customer service. Aim for 40-minute response times and you’ll secure sales almost always.


But what if you are not selling something that can be stuffed in a stocking? No worries! The holidays are still an important time to boost your brand awareness and business as well. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, shout-out the holidays, create contests and personalize (if possible) holiday greetings to your loyal brand followers. They will feel sentimental and keep you in mind for future services.

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