This Valentine’s Day The Cuddlr Monster is Coming out!


To a city near you! Cuddlr is the platonic non-sexual alternative to Tinder. It uses the same technology to geo-locate potential cuddlers in your region. You can see who is around and whom they’ve cuddled and what their cuddlr rating is before you meet them.

Just like Tinder, it uses your Facebook login to create your profile and get you started, there are no profiles, just pictures, with locations and likes and distance (Sound familiar?). From there, you can start chatting and set up your potential cuddle.

What is the difference between this app and Tinder? Absolutely nothing, both apps use the same technology, both apps have very little information about your potential matches and both apps are masking themselves as dating or platonic apps but are really just a vehicle for people to hook up.

How many adults do you know that just want to cuddle a stranger they met on the internet?

Give Cuddlr a try! See for yourself.




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