Getting on the trend train: Introducing the Heavy-Hitter in marketing – Snapchat.




Why should marketers use snapchat? There are many reasons why a marketing strategy should include attention to Snapchat. The simplest reason is that marketers should be visible where people are spending their time. Let’s look at some figures about snapchat and why it has the possibilities of being a powerful tool for sales and brand loyalty.

–       There are over 400 million snaps sent daily.

–       Over 1 billion snapchat stories viewed per day

–       18-29 year olds spend an average of 20 minutes on the app per day

–       30-44 year olds spend an average of 9 minutes on the app per day

–       45-60 year olds spend an average of 13 minutes on the app per day

–       Even grandpa and grandma are snapping at least 6 minutes per day (60+ year olds)

–       71% of snapchatters are under 25 years old

–       70% of snapchatters are women

–       77% of university or college students use snapchat daily.

And here is the most SHOCKING figure.

–       1% of marketers use snapchat to benefit their businesses.

Right? Now is the time to stay ahead of the trend, be one of the very few to pioneer inventive new strategies that involve instagram.


What has changed in snapchat that makes it accessible to marketers and companies looking to expand their social media visibility?


Snapchat Stories create a linear storyline that users can access for more than ten seconds. It makes for endless possibilities for marketing and brand awareness and loyalty. It’s quick easy and you can create content that is linked to an overall aesthetic or message. It also creates exclusivity and a desire to repeat the customer experience daily. New material however, means that you have to stay on your toes and plan ahead on what and how you will reach your audiences everyday.


And now you know. Stay tuned to our blog on our case studies and our suggestions to maximize your snapchat game!

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