Keekback and relax! The newest platform to add shade to your day.


Sure, we all know that Instagram is a hubspot for foodporn and pouty-face selfies. Instagram also has video capabilities, but not much in the way of editing or large scale video. Welcome the sleek and sexy player to the team! Keek is an innovative new platform to video share with the world around you and your friends.

How is Keek different from Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and the host of millions of other startup social media apps?

Well, there are several distinctive ways in which Keek is different.

Firstly, Keek (unlike Instagram) has a feature called a Keekback- which allows users to directly respond to keeks with video, audio or text directly to the user or as comments (instert endless brand and company possibilities here). Secondly, Keek lets you explore the world around you, allowing you to comment, explore current events and check the social climate of the world around you. It ENCOURAGES activism, keeping up with current events and exploring how people relate directly with issues with the world around them. Unlike other apps that are geared to shorten the attention span of the average user and force marketers to adjust to those trends, keek is actually expanding the attention span of its subscribers by opening threads of discussion and conversation.

Lastly, and my personal opinion on the app – most people hate and hate and hate on social media. Cyber bullying has become a staple and an expectation to any budding social media entrepreneur to endure. Well, let’s see the hate expressed when you have to show your face!

Who cares?

You do! Over the past year, Keek has been growing at an astronomically high rate. And you WANT to get in on the action. Contact the experts at Driven Digital Marketing and find out how to join the club.

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