The New Face of InstagrAds.



Back in the day, consumers would find ads on websites just annoying, they would just be pop-up screens with no imagination or marketing quality. They would be designed or embedded in certain parts of the web-page to facilitate accidental access to the advertising company’s webpage. Most of the times, they were hidden hotlinks, and would redirect you to pages unrelated to what the link would suggest. We hated them because they were annoying, ugly, sketchy, and never quite what we wanted to see.

So why is it preferable to advertise in this way today? Instagram has always been and will always be a creative tool and an outlet for personal users, companies and brands to express themselves in unique unexpected ways. Instagram Ads offer the same platform but with a “Buy” button.

Finally, companies and brands can easily and without a third party or event, convert their followers into their consumers with ease and transparency! And because there is no middle man, there is an automatic trust built between the consumer and the seller that what they are looking at is actually what they are getting.

What is amazing about Instagram is that it tailors your advertising needs to your expectations. Big corporations have the same chance to advertise as small companies do, they are all afforded the creative outlet to push their brands and get their consumers on board with what they are offering.

So next time you want to see a product you are looking for in action, find it on Instagram! And just click “Shop Now” “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” and join the revolution!

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