Quite simply put. we drive.

We drive because we like getting there first. Others are just too slow. Our ambitions for our clients to succeed consumes us, we’re simply taken by it, all of it. With innovative and effective digital marketing campaigns, plus the application of social media tactics, our clients can expect to arrive at their online goals with speed and quality. Seriously, we’re in the know.

But we’re not some pop-up shop. Our people are driving forward in London, Moscow, Toronto, New York and San Francisco, operating in tune with the latest online innovations. And as technology and cultural trends rapidly change, so do we which means so, do you! We stay fresh by running the gamut from boutique chic to straight professional and offer a spectrum of marketing options to go along with it.

Anastassia “Stacey” Boguslavskaya


For over a decade Stacey has produced innovative, professional and successful digital marketing strategies. Her background in PR, marketing and social media has fine-tuned the skills needed to strengthen the online presence of any company.

As Founder of Driven Digital Marketing, she leads a team that support clients and their online goals. Their international exposure to markets in London, New York, Toronto and Moscow has polished a reputation of providing clients the latest in social and digital media. Building on her growing network, Stacey continuously develops global ventures that profit from an effective, online presence.

Stacey has a MA in Digital Marketing from Hult International Business School, a HBA in Culture, Communication and IT from the University of Toronto, and a certificate in Digital Communication from Sheridan College.