Brand Partnerships – The End of Hollywood – And What it all Means.

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Back in the day; or five minutes ago, companies and brands utilized celebrity status to boost the visibility and loyalty of their consumer products. Hollywood A-listers were being pimped out to companies like Hugo Boss, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and endless other luxury brands out there. Hollywood B-listers were grunting more accessible consumer goods – check out Richard Simmons for Telus, the guy from the hit show 24 for State Farm Insurance, William Shatner in … pretty much anything.

Today, our social and cultural landscape has changed, and so have the influencers of our respective global society. People subscribe to cable less and YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr Snapchat and Vine more. As a result, our view of celebrity and those who influence our tastes and our preferences has changed.

Companies today, are receptive to the change and have been for the past few years. Much successful collaboration between bloggers, social media stars and viral stars has really gotten us thinking about where to put our money and how it would best bring back the results we seek.

Companies like AT&T and Clean & Clear have really transformed the idea of how to utilize celebrity to create a following.

Clean & Clear recently paired up with a famous Transgender Teen for #seetherealme , where they have successfully expanded their consumer based to not just young girls but to all genders and all preferences across the board. Since the launch of their campaign, Clean & Clear has boosted their visibility by 2.4 million views.

AT&T launched a Snapchat web series with five Snaplebrities called #Snapperhero. The first ever scripted show on Snapchat. Later AT&T launched its first Youtube reality show called @Summerbreak that got them 60 million views, and 30 million social engagements.

These are just a couple of the many companies that have picked up on the trends that give them an edge in the market of the present.



The New Face of InstagrAds.



Back in the day, consumers would find ads on websites just annoying, they would just be pop-up screens with no imagination or marketing quality. They would be designed or embedded in certain parts of the web-page to facilitate accidental access to the advertising company’s webpage. Most of the times, they were hidden hotlinks, and would redirect you to pages unrelated to what the link would suggest. We hated them because they were annoying, ugly, sketchy, and never quite what we wanted to see.

So why is it preferable to advertise in this way today? Instagram has always been and will always be a creative tool and an outlet for personal users, companies and brands to express themselves in unique unexpected ways. Instagram Ads offer the same platform but with a “Buy” button.

Finally, companies and brands can easily and without a third party or event, convert their followers into their consumers with ease and transparency! And because there is no middle man, there is an automatic trust built between the consumer and the seller that what they are looking at is actually what they are getting.

What is amazing about Instagram is that it tailors your advertising needs to your expectations. Big corporations have the same chance to advertise as small companies do, they are all afforded the creative outlet to push their brands and get their consumers on board with what they are offering.

So next time you want to see a product you are looking for in action, find it on Instagram! And just click “Shop Now” “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” and join the revolution!

Keekback and relax! The newest platform to add shade to your day.


Sure, we all know that Instagram is a hubspot for foodporn and pouty-face selfies. Instagram also has video capabilities, but not much in the way of editing or large scale video. Welcome the sleek and sexy player to the team! Keek is an innovative new platform to video share with the world around you and your friends.

How is Keek different from Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and the host of millions of other startup social media apps?

Well, there are several distinctive ways in which Keek is different.

Firstly, Keek (unlike Instagram) has a feature called a Keekback- which allows users to directly respond to keeks with video, audio or text directly to the user or as comments (instert endless brand and company possibilities here). Secondly, Keek lets you explore the world around you, allowing you to comment, explore current events and check the social climate of the world around you. It ENCOURAGES activism, keeping up with current events and exploring how people relate directly with issues with the world around them. Unlike other apps that are geared to shorten the attention span of the average user and force marketers to adjust to those trends, keek is actually expanding the attention span of its subscribers by opening threads of discussion and conversation.

Lastly, and my personal opinion on the app – most people hate and hate and hate on social media. Cyber bullying has become a staple and an expectation to any budding social media entrepreneur to endure. Well, let’s see the hate expressed when you have to show your face!

Who cares?

You do! Over the past year, Keek has been growing at an astronomically high rate. And you WANT to get in on the action. Contact the experts at Driven Digital Marketing and find out how to join the club.

Iraj 😉