Vine: What’s it about? What can it do for your company?


Brand awareness for businesses is like an orchid—beautiful in bloom, but requires a skilled hand to get it thriving. There are many unique ideas to create brand awareness by using viral videos and different social platforms. Let’s talk about a platform that has become a useful tool for visual marketing online: Vine.

Vines are short flash videos that play on a constant loop. Five years ago Vine captured the smartphone world by filling a market void through video that a successful app like Instagram did not include. In less than ten seconds, users can create content to share with their followers.

Companies have been maximizing those few seconds to create visual campaigns, and the trend is rapidly growing. Cadbury UK started using their Vine account as an innovative way to share the inventive recipes of their Cadbury products. For example, it included my all time favourite recipe, the Cadbury Crème Egg latte which I dare you not to food-gasm over! Vine helped Cadbury’s brand through innovative product diversity for competition in an oversaturated market.

Also, Sephora has, one of the best Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vine social presence of most companies I have reviewed. In their Vine account, they use their flash videos to show their consumers how to use their products flawlessly, and how to cut corners for the almost unattainable red-carpet look.

Many other companies are starting to use Vine to bring their marketing to the next level. We love Vine and, through our diverse expertise, can show you the innovative ways to help your company create brand awareness.



This Valentine’s Day The Cuddlr Monster is Coming out!


To a city near you! Cuddlr is the platonic non-sexual alternative to Tinder. It uses the same technology to geo-locate potential cuddlers in your region. You can see who is around and whom they’ve cuddled and what their cuddlr rating is before you meet them.

Just like Tinder, it uses your Facebook login to create your profile and get you started, there are no profiles, just pictures, with locations and likes and distance (Sound familiar?). From there, you can start chatting and set up your potential cuddle.

What is the difference between this app and Tinder? Absolutely nothing, both apps use the same technology, both apps have very little information about your potential matches and both apps are masking themselves as dating or platonic apps but are really just a vehicle for people to hook up.

How many adults do you know that just want to cuddle a stranger they met on the internet?

Give Cuddlr a try! See for yourself.




Happy Holidays From Driven Digital Marketing!

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.10.02 PM

What are you doing for the holidays? We at Driven hope that you are bundled up with close ones during this festive season. But if you are at work obsessing over sales. Let us help you out, with some facts and advice to make your holiday month a fruitful one.

Did you know, that roughly 65% of consumers use social media today to find ideas and purchase gifts for loved ones? That means that branding and product placement on social media is now, more important than ever and finding creative ways to get noticed by frantic holiday shoppers is of the utmost importance.


Here is our expert advice to you:


  1. Set a target – Do you want to increase revenue via online shopping? Do you want to create more brand awareness via social media? Do you want to beef up your popularity on social media platforms with “Likes” and “Ret-weets”? Know what you’re aiming for, and pick the right approach.
  2. Know your audience – Consumers looking to spend over the holidays are far too easily distracted. Pinterest boards and using Instagram to showcase your products is a great way to get the ball rolling on sales with simple yet powerful visual marketing. Just use the right hashtags! #christmas #holidays #wishlist #shopping are among the most keyed in the holiday season.
  3. Customer service is KEY – Consumers over the holidays feel a sense of urgency, panic, anxiety. More than ever the average consumer will be incapable of waiting for a response in regards to customer service. Aim for 40-minute response times and you’ll secure sales almost always.


But what if you are not selling something that can be stuffed in a stocking? No worries! The holidays are still an important time to boost your brand awareness and business as well. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, shout-out the holidays, create contests and personalize (if possible) holiday greetings to your loyal brand followers. They will feel sentimental and keep you in mind for future services.