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He Tweets me. He Tweets me not.


Society has evolved to serve convenience. We are creatures of our environment, and that environment contains 140 characters or less. Outdated are the times where people sit at cafes with stuffy newsprints reading essays on the state of the economy, politics or the markets. We are busy. We need to manage our valuable, sparse time as efficiently as possible. The result is a short attention span where important details are needed, A.S.A.P., with as little preamble as possible. We abbreviate, shorten and create hybrid words that our culture understands. This rapid pace of communication has offered fertile ground for platforms like Twitter to redefine and capitalize global marketing.

Why use Twitter?

Twitter grows your business by creating new clients and promoting brand visibility. It creates a platform for already loyal customers to share their passion for companies and its services. I regularly Tweet to promote the products and moments I love with my friends, family, colleagues and whoever can catch my viral hash tags.

Want an example?

I have the coolest barber in the entire planet and every time he cuts my hair—and everything else he does to make me feel fantastic—I tweet a photo of my haircut, I type praises about the barbershop and I independently create an online marketing campaign that helps him get more clients. Consequently, I no longer pay for my haircuts and his business is booming!

How does this further translate to your business? Well, it’s simple. My tweets about the barber make me a loyal ‘brandie’. Those who follow me are exposed to the barbershop via my tweets and, because they trust my opinion, it sparks interest in them to try out the barbershop. They, in turn, also tweet their experiences thereby growing the business exponentially. From the barber’s business perspective, the company promotes exciting products and services on his Twitter account that we ‘brandies’ then share, or re-tweet, to expand his viewership. The barber then incentivizes us, as loyal, supportive customers, by offering customized rewards for helping grow the business. #NothingnNothing (Check him out).

What can Twitter do for a large business?

The answer is simple. It makes you approachable, a ‘regular Joe’ that can relate to any kind of customer. Check out PopCap Games on Twitter. The company is making a fortune with ios and android game apps by putting the customer in the driver’s seat of the creative process by taking suggestions, code and proposals for new games and apps for the company to develop. They make the brandies do all the work of finding innovative and creative ideas in an oversaturated market. Time saved, profits grown, customers happy—what’s not to like?

Trust us. We’re dedicated, Driven Digital marketers.

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